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Toronto Bioenergy

Toronto Bioenergy offers you a variety of bioenergy modalities, including Reiki, Quantum Touch, the Bengston Method, the Domancic Method, Matrix Energetics, and Russian New Knowledge, used singly and in combination to best meet your needs. Bioenergy works with your energy field to promote relaxation and to help enhance your body's healing response. 

What you can expect:

A gentle, non-invasive energetic experience; a positive atmosphere conducive to well-being; encouragement for you to participate in your own healing process; feedback from your own body that changes are occurring. Many people feel warmth, relaxation, coolness, electricity, pressure, magnetism or a gentle breeze during the session. Some people report that their hands tingle. Clients with minor discomfort such as headaches can experience immediate changes. Chronic issues take longer to respond, but observable changes can occur already during or shortly after the first session. For the stories of clients who found bioenergy beneficial, read the testimonials.

What we offer:

Injury Management through Bioenergetic Rehabilitation
If you have been injured and find that the usual means of injury management such as physiotherapy, chiropractic and acupuncture are insufficient, you owe it to yourself to try bioenergy. Or better yet -- try bioenergy first. As a martial artist turned bioenergy practitioner I have had a good deal of experience treating injuries: you can read the testimonials page for tributes to the effectiveness of bioenergy.

Individual and Group Sessions with the Domancic Method
If you suffer from a chronic health condition, try individual Domancic sessions or the monthly Domancic clinics held in Toronto which are modeled on the clinics held by Zdenko Domancic, the founder of the method, in Kranjska Gora, Slovenia. Domancic practitioners at the clinic in Slovenia have treated over a million people from all over the world suffering from all kinds of health conditions.

Free referrals
If you are unsure about what you need, I can help you focus your thoughts in a free phone or e-mail consultation and refer you to the practitioner who would best suit your needs. 


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